Fermented Design Welcomes 8th St. Grille...

Located in Holland, MI, the 8th Street Grille is dedicated to bringing the best selection of craft beer from Michigan, USA and around the world.  Although they specialize in Michigan brews they offer an always changing selection of 28 taps along with a large bottle menu.  In addition to great beer they have a large casual menu with great salads, sandwiches, burgers, steaks and seafood.  WELCOME 8TH STREET GRILLE!!


Now Available for iOS!

TapApp service is now available for iOS!  Adding to our already successful Android service, TapApp can is also available for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.  This new app uses the same information source to power both iOS and Android apps - no additional work is required to update your tap and event lists if you are already using our Android service.  


Share With Facebook

***NEW FEATURE*** TapApp is now integrated with Facebook to provide end users another way to share more information about the breweries using TapApp.  Extend your marketing reach to include your customers Facebook friends.  TapApp provides pre-populated, fully customizable messages to the end user that can be posted on their Facebook wall.  Contact Fermented Design today to learn more about using TapApp for your brewery.


Google Analytics within TapApp

***NEW FEATURE*** TapApp now has integrated Google Analytics within the application.  Breweries can now see exactly how their users are using the app.  While this can't tell you who is doing what, it can tell you what is drawing the most interest in the app.  Some of the key metrics we can now bring you include: how many app launches in a day, what beers and events are getting the most interest based on clicks into the details screen as well as how many times your information is being shared by either SMS or Facebook.  Contact Fermented Design today to learn how we can help with an new way to market to your customers.


Your craft is making good beer, our craft is making good software. As a brewery, you have a loyal following that wants to know what beers are on tap now as well as what they can expect in the weeks to come.  At Fermented Design, we give you a customized, simple to use smart phone application to better engage with your customers.  Our smart phone application, TapApp, allows you to have a fully customized app for your brew pub.

What can I share with my customers on TapApp? TapApp helps you share what beers are currently on tap, what's coming up next as well as full descriptions of your entire beer offering.  You can also post upcoming events and special promotions.  Plus all important pub information; location, hours and contact information.

What does it take to get set-up? You supply the logo and choose the colors and our team at Fermented Design will do the rest.  We'll build a customized smart phone application just for you.  When the initial build is complete, we will provide you with a website log-in and password to enter all of the information about your pub.  Your app will then be available for free download in the Google Marketplace.

What happens when new beers go on tap? The good news is, it might be simpler than updating your chalkboard.  You simply log-in to the website and flag the beers that are now on tap.  The updated information is picked-up immediately by all of your app users.

Wow, sounds great, can I afford it? Less than a beer a day.  Yes, you read that right - less than a beer a day.

Have questions? Want to see TapApp in action? Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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