Frequently Asked Questions:

What information can I share using TapApp?
TapApp lets you share what beers are currently featured, what you are working on next as well as detailed descriptions of each brew.  TapApp also lets you share events that will be happening at your pub, everything from live music to current beer specials to the next night for dart league.  Additionally, TapApp has all of your contact information in one convenient spot - with one touch click to dial, mapping and links to all of your web and social media content.

Do I need a technical person to update TapApp?
Absolutely not!  If you can update a Facebook status, you can update TapApp.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  We will provide with a log in to http://client.fermenteddesign.com; where you will be able to easily add beers and events, flag beers as on tap or on deck and edit all of your contact information.

Our beers change a lot, is it going to be a pain to keep it updated?
Our team has put together a database to keep track of all of your beers - you only need to enter the information once!  Have a seasonal beer coming back to your tap house?  It will take just seconds to log in and update the beer as on deck or on tap.

What beer information does TapApp display?
TapApp will display all of the important information about your beer.  Everything from name, style, ABV and description.  Again, TapApp saves all of this information for you so you only need to enter it once!

What event information does TapApp display?
An event can be anything? Do you have the hottest band in town playing at your pub? Have a Tuesday night growler refill discount? A mug club members only tapping of a limited edition brew?  These are all events to TapApp are conveniently displayed on one page to let all of your customers know what's going on at your pub.  Event information shown on the app includes an event name, a date and time as well as a description of the event.

Does it cost anything to download the app?
We recommend that you keep it as a free application.  Our customers have received a much better response when their application was free to download and use.

Are there any advertisements on the app?
NO.  Your application will only have your logo's and colors.  There are no advertisements on the application.  After all, you don't pay us to have other advertisers on your app.

We're a new brewery and still working on our logo art, can you help?
Absolutely.  Fermented Design will make sure that the application properly portrays your brewery.  If you need help with logo creation, our design team would love to assist.

I have a great idea, can you add it to the app?
At Fermented Design, we are continually looking to improve our software.  We have a list of additional feature's we are already working on for the next release!  Please let us know of anything you think should be added into the app and if it fits well with our customers, we add it in!  You can drop us an email by visiting the "Contact Us" page in the main menu or by clicking the email address below.

Have more questions?
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