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TapApp is a smart phone application that helps breweries reach their customers.  Craft brewery patrons are some of the most loyal customers on the planet and are always wondering when their favorites are going back on tap at the pub.  TapApp is just the way to reach them.  Through a simple, easy to use web interface, brewery staff are able to update beer information, what beers are on tap, which ones are coming up next as well as all of the import descriptors for your beer.  In addition to beer information, TapApp also displays event information for your pub.  Beer specials, live music, festival information can all be displayed through TapApp.  All of this information is available to your customers immediately after you enter it.  In addition to beer and event information, TapApp also displays every way imaginable to contact your brewery.  Links to maps with directions, one click phone dialing, pub hours, links to your website, facebook, twitter and more.

Please use the menu options above to see TapApp features in greater detail.  If you are interested in seeing a live demo of TapApp in action, please contact Fermented Design by using the Contact Us page linked in the main menu at the top of this page.

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