Android Screen Shots

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Sample screen shots from our demo app.  Logos, colors and of course displayed information would be customized for your brewery.


We will create a custom launcher icon for you, using your existing artwork.  If you need help with a new logo, we can do that to!

Your logo will again appear during the initial loading of the app.  Here is where the app checks for any information you have updated.

All of your beers that you want to display, can be.  All of the important information is available at a quick glance.

Clicking on a beer will bring you to the beer details page, showing the beers status ("On Tap" in this example) along with its style, ABV and description.  Also available is a quick text button allowing your smart phone users to text their friends about your beer.

Also displayed are all of your upcoming events.  Have a hot new band playing in your pub, or running a special promotion?  You can let all of your customers know here.

Like beers, events can be selected to show more information.  Again, there is a quick text button for sharing.

All of your contact info in one spot, with links to everything.  Your address will link to the built in Google Maps app to provide direction, your website, facebook site, twitter page are all linked from their respective buttons.


Clicking on the clock on your contact information tab will show the open hours of your pub.

The phone icon will open a new call, with your number ready to use.

TapApp also allows its users to share your information quickly and easily via SMS (text messaging) or Facebook.

TapApp users can select contacts from their phones address book.

Facebook messages are pre-populated to help promote your beer or events.  These messages can be posted to the users Facebook wall.

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